Meet Diana, owner and founder of The Faja Doctor – the world's most popular and trusted Faja alterations mail-in service provider! Diana has grown into a popular plastic surgery social media influencer and is known for her easily digestible knowledge bites and guides she posts weekly. With over 8000 altered Fajas under her belt since November 2020, she also knows a thing or two about enhancing curves and boosting confidence through perfectly-fitted high compression garments. Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, with roots in Russia and Ukraine, Diana moved to the United States with a dream to find her passion and become an entrepreneur. Her first plastic surgery in late 2020 happened to unexpectedly jumpstart that dream. She founded her business with the mission to solve a problem there was no solution for and to help women feel more confident and beautiful in their skin.

Diana didn't stop there, and in February of 2022, started to work hard on designing her very own Faja brand – – in collaboration with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ramsen Azizi. She has been exposed to so many common Faja issues on a daily basis from all of the different Faja alterations clients that she decided to just take matters into her own hands and create a Faja that is better than anything else on the market. With over 20 different design features, the highest quality of materials, and a revolutionary, ultra-sexy design, BDY Fajas was born!